Fight the weirdest sea monsters ever created in order to obtain the awesomely powerful cube to save your home island! But be careful, you only have one ship, and there are plenty of terrors beneath the surface.


  • SPACE - Talk
  • Z - Jump from water
  • X - Shoot
  • R - Reload scene (in case you die, bugs, etc)
  • Left & Right - Moves the boat

Enjoy! And be careful in the sea!

Dev comments:
Well, there goes my first Ludum Dare game! (done in less than 48 hours! more about this gamejam here). It was created with Unity, a little bit of BFXR, and some Bosca Coeil.

Theme: "Beneath the surface"

Thanks to TenByTwenty for Munro font, and everyone who will have the courage to play!

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Published 2 years ago


Download (23 MB)
Download (11 MB)

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